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Jackson Hole Flight Services has both short-term and long-term parking available onsite for passengers.  

We recommend taking advantage of taxi/shuttle services available from Jackson to the Airport or have someone drop you off prior to your departure.


Exit tickets for FBO rental car customers will be located in the vehicle.

The JAC Parking Program is an effort to support our local community and is only available to travelers that reside within the surrounding area.

Peak Dates

(as of July 1, 2023)

Summer: July 1-5; August 24-27; August 31-September 4

Fall: November 17-26

Winter: December 22-January 2; February 15-19; February 22-25

Spring: March 7-10; March 14-17; March 21-24; March 28-31

How to Pay for Parking

When entering any airport parking lot, please take a ticket from the parking kiosk. Keep the ticket with you or place it in our vehicle, being sure to keep the parking ticket out of direct sunlight (you do not need to display your parking pass in your vehicle).


Upon return, the parking pass can be used at the parking lot kiosk located at the parking lot exit.



Handicap Parking or Special Requests

Please contact the FBO Customer Service desk to coordinate any handicap or specific parking needs before arriving at the FBO terminal.

Flight Services Lot

Daily Use


Overnight (non-peak)


Overnight (peak dates)


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