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Jackson Hole Flight Services and the Airport operate under a use agreement with Grand Teton National Park. JAC is the only airport operating within a national park and environmental stewardship is a core value at Jackson Hole Flight Services.


Volunteer Noise Curfew 

We request that operators adhere to the voluntary noise curfew that is currently in effect to minimize impact on the noise sensitive wildlife and communities located near the Airport. 

Please do not land or takeoff after 9:30 pm or before 7:00 am. 


Fly Quiet Program 

The Airport has a Noise Abatement Plan in place, which includes a Fly Quiet Program. The Fly Quiet Program encourages pilots to utilize procedures and fly quieter aircraft so as to mitigate noise over sensitive areas. 

Learn more by visiting JAC’s website and viewing the Fly Quiet Help Guide. 


Carbon Offsetting 

The Airport partners with the Good Traveler Program in an effort to give travelers the ability to purchase certified carbon offsets. All offset funds support local emissions-reducing projects. 

Learn more by visiting JAC’s website or


Waste Reduction 

The Airport has an extensive waste reduction program and is committed to a 60% waste reduction goal by 2030. We’re requesting your help by separating your trash, recycling, compost items, and liquid waste upon arrival.

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